Monday, February 21, 2011

All Life's changes

What an interesting couple of years! I haven't been using this blog since just before my mother passed away of cancer. Life got a little hectic there for awhile and I faced some depression. Then, our plans changed (about a dozen times in 2 or 3 months) and I ended up in Colorado Springs, CO for one year. John and I went through several things there - mostly bad weather in the winter time - and we also changed from our motor coach to a 5th wheel.

After that, we went to Alaska for 2 1/2 months and then we came to Junction, Texas for the winter. Certainly can't complain about the weather here. The worst of the winter arrived sometime in late January and lasted until about mid-February (off and on). The days would hang at around 48 - 55 degrees and the nights were down in the teens. One night actually got down to 6 degrees and the pipes froze in the ground. We were 3 days without running water.

But, for the most part, Texas has been a good experience for us. We found a lovely place on 5 acres just south of San Antonio and decided to buy the property. It is rented right now - and we plan to keep it rented for a while longer. We are not done traveling yet and can't afford to move into a house right now anyway - no furniture, no lawn mower, no washer/dryer, no surround sound tv system, etc. Will have to save a lot of money in the next couple of years to manage living in a house again.

Meanwhile, my children have managed to move into the same state for the first time in a long time. Ray has retired from the Army and he and DeDe are in Sacramento. Greg is still in Santa Rosa and he and Kristine are expecting a new baby in October. I look forward to having the holiday season with them this year - and a chance to see Shawntea, Jonah, Brianna and Aiden for Christmas too!

This blog has never been very structured - but I hope to use it for more than communicating our whereabouts and sharing pictures. We all have facebook for that! I plan to stay away from political issues - I disagree to some extent with almost everyone about some part of their philosphy. I'm a fiscal conservative, a social moderate with a few liberal ideas here and there. Makes it hard to talk about politics these days with all the hard headed, name calling, no compromise stances of most people.

But, I do want to write again - now that I'm out of my funk. I see so many beautiful places in this country, so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets, wild animals, etc. I meet so many wonderful people all the time. I will try to keep it interesting but it may end up just being a diary of where G-d is taking me each season. I'm reaching that age where what is happening today reminds me of some things that happened when I was much younger so I probably should change the title of the blog to Grandma's Wanderings or something like that. But whatever comes of it, I will continue to write this time.

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